Rosscarbery Estuary

In 2015, the Heritage Council awarded funding towards a project entitled ‘A new timeline for Rosscarbery, featuring the 1755 tsunami’. The beneficiary was Rosscarbery and District History Society and the Project Manager was the  Co-workers were Gill Boazman, Archaeologist, and William Helps, Artist.

Rosscarbery Estuary                                               Photo: Anthony Beese

Landscape archaeology was very much the theme of the research, as it was for Cork. The town and estuary have been interpreted at three stages: (i) in the early medieval period, (ii) in 1755, following the Lisbon earthquake-tsunami, and (iii) at the beginning of the nineteenth century, when the  estuary was modified as a result of the construction of crossing causeway (c. 1809-1814).  The causeway was part of the Post Office road between Cork and Skibbereen, and the story of the men, who were behind it, was the subject of a guided walk, held during National Heritage Week in 2015.

The poster below is by  William Helps.