RESEARCH NEWS. The following bulletins seem timely given the exciting and new archaeological discoveries at Beamish and Crawford, as reported recently in the Irish Times on Wednesday, January 10th.  A series of talks on Cork’s prehistoric and historic past has been organised by the Archaeology Department, UCC and will take place at St Peter’s Church later this month and next. 

  • CORK and CAEN together?
    Satellite image of Caen showing the River Orne and associated canals (Google Maps)

    Recent research by the editor has shown that the medieval canals in the city seem to be closely allied to canals of similar date in Caen in Normandy. This equivalence between the early infrastructure of Cork and Caen also applies in terms function and design. Thus, it appears that the earliest canals in Cork may be an example of Norman influence in Ireland prior to the later Anglo-Norman occupation of the town in the thirteenth century.

  • SUBSURFACE CORK.  Further analysis of the subsurface geology of the City, using the evidence of archaeological excavations and historical engineering boreholes, has provided detailed information concerning the course of the South Channel prior to its diversion at the end of the eleventh century.