HERITAGECOUNCILlogo1069254_552693568105336_1112967421_nRecent research (2009-12) has provided new awareness of Cork’s landscape archaeology.  The research was funded by the Heritage Council and supported by the Department of Archaeology, University College Cork.  The study consisted of a scientific review of existing data and focussed on appropriate sources of information within the urban context:

  •     urban archaeology
  •     historical geography
  •     engineering boreholes

RIA logoEdIQUA logoThe editor is also grateful for awards of three radiocarbon dates by the Royal Irish Academy and the Irish Quaternary Association.  The dates were obtained by running samples of wood on the AMS facility at the 14Chrono Centre, Queens University Belfast.

WHAT HAPPENED TO BLUE SKIES RESEARCH IN IRELAND?… In some ways, the Cork study could be considered to be an example of basic or ‘blue skies’ research, because initially, there were no clear commercial goals except to increase knowledge of the city’s heritage and, perhaps therefore, to benefit tourism.  In the event, however, the findings of the research could be considered to be important not only to tourism but also to planning and civil engineering.  This point needs to be made because although blue skies research is highly valued in the UK and elsewhere, the current government, concerned too much with Ireland’s financial status, have reviewed funding to the Heritage Council and cut it to the quick.

List of Reports and Publications…